Mac is a very expensive device and everybody does not have enough money to purchase it. There are only a few people that can afford to buy it easily. And those who have purchased it are very careful about it because they have spent a lot of money on purchasing this device. So, if the device gets damaged somehow, you’d have to lose a huge amount of money. There is no doubt that Apple provides you with the guarantee for repairing the device if it gets damaged.

But there are some situations where they won’t accept your claim at all. In fact, the Apple has now implemented several restrictions on filing a guarantee claim. So, you’d have to be very careful about your device. If you have mistakenly spilled liquid on the Mac, you should keep in mind that Apple won’t accept your claim at all. And you’d have to deal with the situation by yourself. The worst part is that you won’t be able to find an expert that can repair the device for you.

So, you must take immediate actions if you have spilled liquid on it. If you take a look at cleanmymac 3 review, you’d find some interesting tips about cleaning your mac if you have spilled liquid on it. However, we have brought some quick tips for you that will play a vital role in protecting your device from further damage. Here are the tips you can use to clean your Mac if you have spilled water on it.

Turn off the device

First of all, you should turn off your device so that it may stay safe from further damage. The risk of damage increases if the water gets into the device when it is turned on. So, you must make sure that you immediately turn off the device when the water has fallen on it.

Take a cloth

Now, it’s time to take a cloth and clean the device with that cloth. Make sure that the cloth you are using for this purpose has the ability to absorb the water completely. The cloth will remove the water from the outer surface only while the inner surface would still be under a risk. Therefore, you should try to clean the inner part of the Mac as well.

Use a hairdryer

The hair dryer will remove the moisture and make the device safe from further damage. Make sure that you blow the air on every single part of the Mac so that it may become safe from further damage.

Use the device after a day

Do not turn on the device right after cleaning the liquid. Make sure that you wait for at least one day and then turn it on and see if it works fine. In most cases, the device would start working fine. However, if it doesn’t, you should start looking for an expert immediately. Here is more information about protecting your Mac if you have spilled water on it.