If you want to check an app IOS 11 on your phone then what are you waiting for? This experience is going to change your perspective and you will be able to enhance the performance of the phone as well.

You will be download this app on your iPhone and IPad. If you are looking for IOS 11 download trick, then this article is particularly because here we’re going to tell you the way to download it on your phone and you can start using it with ease.


First, you need to connect your required device with the IOS or MAC or you can connect your device with the PC. It’s time to fire up the iTunes. You should check the compatibility of the device as well because if your device has virus or problem then it will not get connected.

You should make sure first about the compatibility of the device.


You can see the menu bar and now you have to tap on the option device.


Noe for the backup option you have to click on the backup and then encrypt backup, enter the password. Make sure you have selected all the apps before backing up and now you have all the data saved on your other device.


In order to open the preference, go to the option command to. It will take you further to the other options. You can also tap on the iTunes and further on the preference. This will take you to the same page as well.


Tap on the devices and then on the backup. The next option you have to click on is the archive. You have downloaded an app successfully.

Now it’s time to know how to register yourself for using an app.


Go to the web developer.apple.com from your IOS device. Go to the download new betas option.


Now sign in with your developer’s account, enter your username and password. To expand the download section, tap on the 11-beta section and go for the down arrow sign.


To configure the app, select download.


The next thing you are going to see is that beta section 11 will show your profile. You have to enter the passcode and install.


You have to keep the check on the rules and regulations and tap on install. Now restart your device.

Now you can install an app by opening setting in your device and click on the software update after going to the general. Go to the download and install, enter the passcode and put a check on their terms and conditions. After getting agree to all the notifications your device is ready to reboot.

Now after rebooting the system of the device you are all set to run the new IOS 11.

After unlocking your device go to the continue. It will show the continue option where you have to add user Id of Apple and password.  You are all set to get started the app on your device. If you need some more information, you may click this link.