The beauty of tech company is that it has provided a myriad of opportunities for the people that are willing to change their lives. There are thousands of people that have already improved their lifestyle with the help of this industry. And there are many others that are still struggling to change their lives significantly. The good thing about this industry is that there is a huge room to grow. And you can jump into this industry anytime you want. There are lots of categories in this industry where you can start your career.

The E-commerce and Dropshipping are actually considered to be the marketing platforms but they also have a strong connection with the tech industry. In the past few years, we have seen many people that started their career in these areas as an individual and they grew so fast that they managed to start their own companies within a few years. It is a really impressive approach and everybody cannot make it happen unless they are dedicated to achieving their goals.

There are a number of tech companies that took their start from the E-commerce and Dropshipping and now they have become very popular in the tech industry. Today, we will talk about the top tech companies that grew from E-Commerce and Dropshipping and we are sure that the information we have shared below will definitely motivate you to become a part of this industry. Whenever we told someone about the benefits of E-commerce and Dropshipping, we received a weird response where everybody said that “is Salehoo worth it?”

So, these companies are a clear indication that E-commerce and Dropshipping can definitely take you to the height of progress. Here are the tech companies that grew from E-commerce and Dropshipping.


Avada was actually a group of IT students that were studying together in a university. These students started an e-commerce site where they started selling different products. This site provided them with a lot of benefits but while they were running this website, they found many flaws in the themes and plugins that they were using on their website. So, they decided to create a flawless theme that can serve the users in a better way. So, after a lot of struggle, they successfully introduced a very powerful theme named Avada. The theme became really popular within a few months and these students finally shifted to the tech industry from E-commerce.


The founder of Bachlinko actually took a start from Dropshipping business and then he moved his setup to the tech world with the passage of time. He is now running a successful tech company but he is still making a lot of money from that dropshipping business and he has also become a very popular market all over the world. Here is more information about tech companies that grew from dropshipping.